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Why would you need a keyboard or a mouse when you have your fingers

Leap motion has started receiving orders for the new technology where you will need only need to use your fingers to navigate though your PC.  For $69.90USD, I think its a great deal! Check out the video below

How I plan to use this

  • An addition for my HTPC peripheral, where the whole family can navigate through the videos and photos. I dont have to hog on the keyboard on my own. CAn get stressful at times
  • A nice and cool addition to view my 3d architectural model and personal projects. 11% (2nh most priority) of this device is to be used for design and 3d navigation.
  • Show off.. LOL


For those who dont know about Plex, its a sofware which not only play media content but compiles them and automatically find the posters, description and other meta data. In short its AWESOME!!.. Better than XBMC since we can share media content for free within friends. Imagine whole movies can be shared!!

Yea means you can add unlimited amount of movie folder extracted from your freinds’ collection. Imagine “My Library” filled with 100 of your freinds movies and music etc. AWESOOME isnt it? You may add myPlex at yul000@hotmail.com. Add me to expand your collection. My NAS is forever on, so you may view all my movies! Add me!