Compres your data plan

Use Onavo Extended while its free! Newer phone with LTE is consuming more data than you can realize. The faster speed tend to make us surf more as compared previously with 3G. Onavo use thier own server to compress all the data before transferring it to the phone users. SO not only it reduce data size but also loading speeds as the pages loads faster after being compressed. Ive used it and it simply work. Why dont you try it?

Onavo for iPhone


Need Free iTunes cash?

There are a few ways to get iTunes cash. I’ve tried and tested these they work!

1) Free My Apps (download games and play for 30 secs ONLY!)

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2) App Trailers (Just watch trailers and try apps for $$)

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3)Wikets (Recommend Apps to get $$)

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Impaktor the amazing iOS app

For those of you trying to impress your friends on a new app, here is a good way to show off. Ive tried it myself and its amazingly sensitive to the every beat and the pressure you put in.  For 4.99usd it might be quite steep, but this app has only been created 3 weeks ago.. Its new! SO grab it fast!