Day 1: Setting up phone is a breeze

Android platform is not new for me. The setup is easy “peasy”. Normally I would go to Settings/ Personalise and setup everything manually from there. HTC One X + has an alternative setup via the website. The “HTC Setup” through their website is even easier with additional theme downloads.The setup is automated with all my social networks, emails, online storage and common apps installed instantly in the phone.

2012-12-09_06-55-24   2012-12-09_08-41-06 Connecting to the world  The list of file sharing goes on for 2 page scrolls2012-12-12_20-39-50
Sharing my files to 18 different medium. Wohoo!

All my contacts, calenders, emails, messages are all steamed in via Google. So there isnt any missing items from my iPhone. Setup was easy and by 15 to 20 mins, my HTC phone setup was exactly the same as my current iPhone. No issues there.. All my messages from whatsapp all falls into place. Im impressed as I thought the transitiion from apple to Android might be a hassle.


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