Day 3: Multi Task.. How much can you handle?

While taking an hour journey home, I decided to test the quad cores of this power packed phone. I decided to open a variety of application that test various performance of this phone. I throw a whole list of apps to run all at the same time.

Web Browsing on:
1) Chrome – Random Page
2) Default Browser – Google Search
3) Dolphin Browser – Starhub TV – Cant play since not flash supported
4) 2 Floating Browsers -Xin MSN
(Yes I on all!!)

1)Super Video

Games:Dungeon Hunter
(Tried to on a few games but somehow only 1 game appear in task manager at 1 time)

Default Music Player from Gallery
Double Twist

Others:Floating Banner
Google Maps
Free My Apps

Social Network
Google Talk

MultiTaskMultiTask Floating Browser

After running close to 20 apps I was hoping for a lag. I decided to keep opening a few more apps like camera but there dont seems to have any lags. Only the audio and video is disrupted as too many audio and video inputs. The phone also got extremely hot! Its especially hot at the metal rimming around the camera. I do not wanna fry any parts in the phone and decided to stop at close to 20 apps.


One thought on “Day 3: Multi Task.. How much can you handle?

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