Day 6: Audiophile

Music Home screen1 Home Screen dedicated to music

1 Home Screen dedicated to music

Im not much of an audiophile as I often listen to music in normal earphones. Beats quality kinda blow me away. Now that I have tried the quality of beats audio in HTC, I can rest assure that the quality of the sound is awesome when “beats” mode is turned on. Dont think I can go back to normal quality. The very 1st song I listen was from Adele. The moment I switch on the beats I was almost swept to tears. Beats audio just makes everything sound so crisp even at the highest volume. The emotions of the song went straight to my head somehow. Its as if Adele is whispering in my ears. Im not joking. Emo.. emo

5 music output

5 music output

I tried listening to music using 5 different output device as shown above.
1) Audio Technica sound muffled at high volumes with beats on. Mid and low volume sounds smooth and almost perfect
2) Sennheiser wireless is perfect in all modes and volumes. I just feel the loudest dont sound loud enough
3) iPhone5 head phones seems to be one of the better headphones with all round performance. The only setback it that ist very slippery and keep slipping off my ears
4) In earphones sound quality worsens as the volume hit the high.

5) Of course BEATS earphones works flawlessly with HTC One X+. The quality of the sound is all round perfect in vocals, rock and pop music especially when beats is on. Sound quality of the default “Tune in Radio” is also very good for a radio. There are some signal issues as my data plan have intermittent breaks in the MRT.  The other simpler option is using the FM radio for local radio.  Other than that the music app help me search all my music app and centralise the music in 1 app. Great job HTC
Quality of sound is quite good for watching movies. I watched 1 episode of Band of brothers. The sound effects and conversations have a good balance. No surround audio but still have that immersive movie effect. Love it during my long journey home.
Streaming music and movies though home network is easily detected. Quality is exactly the same as if its stored in my phone storage. No lags and no loss in quality…. at least I dont notice. Love the way they manage to detect and centralise all the media into 1 place. Overall.. Awesome awesome AwesOME!

Auto search all the local radio stations

Auto search all the local radio stations

Steam music and Movies though several home servers

Stream Music and Movies though several home servers


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