Day 10 to the end : Thoughts and Verdict

When I first got my hands on HTC One X+, I still have impression that iPhone is still superior. After close to 2 weeks, I begin to realize that OneX+ quad core phone is definitely a worthy contender to iPhone.

Most of the great features are already discussed in the previous posts.

Cracking open the chasis (

Essentially, this is one of the top notch phone suited for leisure and work. This high powered  quad core unit allow me to multitask with even the most demanding games and apps. Despite the shear power, OneX+ still manage to retain sufficient battery to last through a whole working day. Its interesting to note that the battery seemed to last longer by the day.

Loved the gorgeous super IPS LCD screen that retains true colors of images and videos.  Integration of Video and Image capturing is an awesome idea that none of the phones currently have. Many different modes and filters comes pre-installed with the stock firmware. These features make image capturing so fun and easy. People who often take photos on the go might find this useful. I often use the camera for site progress as well as personal use. The gallery creates an organized photo journal in my phone to separate both work and play images.  Furthermore, this gallery integrates all the different forms of media into 1 location which is easily accessible, including external servers. These captured media are of great quality and clarity to be shared for future memories.

Then there’s the likes of free 23GB Dropbox storage(additional 2 GB for new sign ups), Beats Audio enhancement  plus overall improved performance.

There isn’t a microSD card slot but the 64GB internal storage is definitely sufficient. There’s even media server storage as well as Dropbox spaces. Who needs physical storage when there are tones of cloud storage, right?

The physical feature that concern me is the camera which is slightly protruding out of the back surface. Perhaps a good cover can protect this awesome camera.


Although OneX+ might not be as popular as iPhone or Samsung S3,  HTC users will naturally find that this phone is just as good or even better. HTC will always stay true to its slogan of “Quietly Brilliant”.

In my eyes, One X+’s brilliance has indeed quietly outshine its simple appearance.

Despite the minor drawbacks, this white gem is stylishly designed with a gorgeous screen with ergonomic non-slip back which feels good on the hands. The quality hardware pushes all boundaries and capability of OneX+.  The latest version of Android 4.1.1 enhances Sense fluidity, making it a pleasure to use. It has been the “One companion”, “One photographer”, “One navigator” and perhaps the One evolving assistance along the way. Im sure the OneX+ will evolve to accommodate any user who wish to give it a chance.


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