Sneak peak at Galaxy S4 launch date and model available

Since the launch of Galaxy S4, many fans are eager to know which version Galaxy S 4 would be available in their country. There are two versions of Galaxy S4 that will be promoted globally.

1) Quad Core Snapdragon 600 processor from Qualcomm.
This processor is really strong and sophisticating with strength up to 1,9 Ghz.

2) Octa Core Processor
Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 series which is completed with 8 core Exynos 5 with clocking 1.6 Ghz.

Although the both them are different but we think the price isn’t too much different.People were asking, which version of Galaxy S IV would be available in your country. So here’s the list.

Countries in which Samsung Galaxy S IV i9505(Quad Core)

• United States • Nordic Countries
• Canada • Poland
• Austria • Romania
• Austrlia • Russia
• Baltic • Portugal
• Belgium • Singapore
• Bosnia • Slovakia
• Bulgaria • Slovenia
• Cyprus • Spain
• Czech • Switzerland
• French European Nations (except Ukraine)
• Germany
• Greece
• Italy
• Macedonia
• Netherlands

Countries in which Samsung Galaxy S IV i9500 (Octa Core)

• Afghanistan • Malaysia
• Algeria • Nepal
• China • Pakistan
• Egypt • Philippines
• Kenya • Russia
• India • Saudi Arabia
• Lybia • Sri Lanka
• Morocco • Taiwan
• Nigeria • Thailand
• Nigeria • Turkey
• Bangladesh • Uzbekistan
• China • Vietnam
• Hong Kong • Italy
• India • Poland
• Indonesia • Romania
• Iran • Russia
• Iraq • UK
• Kazakhstan • Ukraine
• Korea

Launch in different countries

Country Launch date Price
UK 26/04/13 480 pounds
Europe 2nd wk to end April
US 1/5/13 250USD AT&T
US 1/5/13 99USD with T-Mobile
Korea End April
India Early May
Singapore 27 April
Hong Kong Early May
Malaysia End April



Win Samsung S4 after watching Review of Starhub Music Store

After watching the clip go to for a chance to win Samsung Galaxy S4

Music Store App is an alternative to the online music webpage  Since Google Music isn’t available in some regions like Singapore, Starhub music app is a good place to purchase music online.


  1. Well laid out. Fast and fluid as compared to the webpage.
  2. Manage to track past purchases in My Account. Store Music in My library
  3. Substantial preview of music at the appropriate chorus
  4. Free Soundtrack (Eg Ah Boys to men)
  5. Able to rate music even if you don’t purchase them, unlike itunes.
  6. Interesting to note the asian Language music. Surprised to see Bangla Music!


  1. Costly as compared to other platforms like itunes (0.99USD =1.25SGD only)
  2. Not available in iphone
  3. “Gift” only valid for 7 days. Too short span. Should provide at least 2 weeks to provide sufficient time for bulk purchases
  4. Only available in potrait not landscape.
  5. No share function to share good music via facebook or twitter
  6. No option to buy whole album, perhaps at a cheaper rate.


  1. Should implement a new category like Discounted music of the month.
  2. Allowed to buy with Starhub rewards points
  3. In the website there is a promotions tab.  Perhaps this can be ported into the app as well. Events tab be added to preview on the upcoming concerts or music events.


  1. Need to scroll down to load more music. If you dont scroll, it appears as if there is only 6 music in the option.

Samsung focusing on software upgrades for Galaxy S4

On paper S4 indeed have a hardware bump as they upgrade from S3. But these are only minor hardware upgrades where average users cant really feel the difference in terms of speed and performance. This is because most high end phones have hardware performance that is superior over the software capabilities.  The average consumer might not even know that it has 2GB of RAM.  Even Samsung don’t brag on the improved hardware as they already know its the best in the market. In thier launch event, Samsung only mention about the S4 specs only on 1 final slide, after their credits (as shown below).
Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 11.23.07 PM

Having said this, Samsung focus might not be at the hardware this time. They learnt that the previous S3 consumers are inclined towards their product due to innovative software enhancement.. By inferring from the launch event, its easy to spot that they are adding value towards their software. Samsung spend the entire launch presentation elaborating on the new innovative software features.

Here are some of the awesome software features that S4 have a lead as compared to any other phones.
1) Smart pause – Pause video when users look away
Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 11.09.24 PM

2) Air View – Control device without touching it (good for those who have long nails)
Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 11.10.13 PM

3) Watch On – Use IR blaster for any TV. Yes, any TV with the IR receiver. (even the ancient CRT ones)
Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 11.10.32 PM

4) Optical Reader – scanning business card info
Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 11.10.47 PM

5) Group Play – Share Music and play games on multiple devices
Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 11.11.03 PM

6) Dual Shot – Use and record front facing and back facing camera at the same time.
Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 11.12.01 PM

7) Chat On – Samsung’s version of Facetime

8) Tilt Scroll – Using gyroscope for scrolling though webpages instead of touch scroll.

9) S Translator – Enhanced Google translator

10) S Health –  Monitor physical health and reach goals
Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 11.13.00 PM

It seems that Samsung is successful in pulling off its “S” Branding, without even mentioning Android. Do you think Samsung is pulling away from Android to develop its own branding?
Personally I feel that Galaxy S4 features is definitely making a move towards value adding via software since it already have superiority over hardware. What do you guy think? Do drop some comments below.

If size and looks matter

I understand that some of the phone users out there are very particular with phone sizes. Here is an comparison of the size of an S3 and S4 side by side comparison. You can even place your phone on screen to compare. I have scaled the image accordingly for users out there to compare their phones on a print out. Just for the fun of it.

I purposely dont label them. Can you tell the difference?

Comparison in real size

Comparison in real size

S4 has a more elongated length as compared to S3. It is also 15% thinner than S3. The material color is definitely pure white as compared to the yellowish tinge of S3.

Galaxy S4 launch event

The launch event for galaxy s4 at New York is just over. I’m sure there are mixed feelings on this event.

The concept of the presentation is based on a theatrical concept with lots of stage skits. Samsung present a few seconds of the phone features followed by a theatrical presentation of how the phone can be used in a family based event.

Personally I feel the short skits breaks the professionalism and flow of this launch event. There isn’t much info on the phone as is distracted by the cheesy acting. Some Americans felt irritated as they feel that Samsung perceive the American crowd will buy into those theatrical plays. American women felt sexist as those female actors play those degrading roles as techy housewives.

In fact I remember the skits better than what s4 has to offer. As a summary, s3 still have some innovative feature alike eye tracking and gesture support. The rest of he features are already available in other android flagship phones.

I’m sure those s3 or s2 users out there will end their contract soon. It will be a good replacement for those hardcore Samsung lovers. iPhone users can look into this phone too as ios is string really boring and mundane with it’s crappy maps. So, phone enthusiast should get out there should try out his new phone. Just skip the Samsung s4 launch event as it it doesn’t do

Should you get a Samsung Galaxy S4?

For those of you who are renewing contracts and scratching your heads as to which phone to buy this month, its a good time to follow these posts. The upcoming posts will be focusing on the latest and greatest phones that has just been launched. Lets set aside individual preferences to the way we use our phones and how our phones look like. By comparing primarily on the specs only, S4 seems to bet the rest of the launched phones hands down.


The only Question now is weather Samsung can provide unique features like gesture controls and eye tracking. Check out the leaked video below regarding the new eye tracking.