Galaxy S4 launch event

The launch event for galaxy s4 at New York is just over. I’m sure there are mixed feelings on this event.

The concept of the presentation is based on a theatrical concept with lots of stage skits. Samsung present a few seconds of the phone features followed by a theatrical presentation of how the phone can be used in a family based event.

Personally I feel the short skits breaks the professionalism and flow of this launch event. There isn’t much info on the phone as is distracted by the cheesy acting. Some Americans felt irritated as they feel that Samsung perceive the American crowd will buy into those theatrical plays. American women felt sexist as those female actors play those degrading roles as techy housewives.

In fact I remember the skits better than what s4 has to offer. As a summary, s3 still have some innovative feature alike eye tracking and gesture support. The rest of he features are already available in other android flagship phones.

I’m sure those s3 or s2 users out there will end their contract soon. It will be a good replacement for those hardcore Samsung lovers. iPhone users can look into this phone too as ios is string really boring and mundane with it’s crappy maps. So, phone enthusiast should get out there should try out his new phone. Just skip the Samsung s4 launch event as it it doesn’t do


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