Win Samsung S4 after watching Review of Starhub Music Store

After watching the clip go to for a chance to win Samsung Galaxy S4

Music Store App is an alternative to the online music webpage  Since Google Music isn’t available in some regions like Singapore, Starhub music app is a good place to purchase music online.


  1. Well laid out. Fast and fluid as compared to the webpage.
  2. Manage to track past purchases in My Account. Store Music in My library
  3. Substantial preview of music at the appropriate chorus
  4. Free Soundtrack (Eg Ah Boys to men)
  5. Able to rate music even if you don’t purchase them, unlike itunes.
  6. Interesting to note the asian Language music. Surprised to see Bangla Music!


  1. Costly as compared to other platforms like itunes (0.99USD =1.25SGD only)
  2. Not available in iphone
  3. “Gift” only valid for 7 days. Too short span. Should provide at least 2 weeks to provide sufficient time for bulk purchases
  4. Only available in potrait not landscape.
  5. No share function to share good music via facebook or twitter
  6. No option to buy whole album, perhaps at a cheaper rate.


  1. Should implement a new category like Discounted music of the month.
  2. Allowed to buy with Starhub rewards points
  3. In the website there is a promotions tab.  Perhaps this can be ported into the app as well. Events tab be added to preview on the upcoming concerts or music events.


  1. Need to scroll down to load more music. If you dont scroll, it appears as if there is only 6 music in the option.

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