How useful is Samsung S4 for business purpose?

I travel for my business – is this a good phone?

Security and management will be the utmost importance if you are using it for business.

I believe S4 will be a good phone to use for business travel, as it will be the 1st Samsung device to come equipped with its security application, Knox. Your corporate email, documents and business contacts are safely protected and separated from personal apps similar to Blackberry Balance system. Knox also come equipped with all the productivity apps with its own dedicated business apps, which you can expand via its app store.

This is a great solution if you would like to use one phone for both business and personal duties, but don’t want to fret about the inherent risk of mixing the two.

Business card function
On a lighter note, S4 comes with an option to automatically put a copy of details from a photograph of a business card into the phone’s contacts database or call a number in the business card. At least this function will allow you to store all the business card with you wherever you go.

S Translation
Since you travel a lot, Samsung promised an instant translation between 10 different languages for certain applications, as well as a separate translation application on the device. The best thing is that you might not need to use data as most of the common words and phrases are inbuilt. This function might be useful to get yourself around the cities without trying to use sign language.

Will i have problem with my bill to access emails and do internet surfing when I travel?

Like all smartphones , you can customize with your telco the different roaming plans. Starhub is having a promo for selected destination. If you often travel to these destinations you might want to take up a similar plan. I believe its quite cheap.

Roaming apps

Roaming apps

I personally like to call up the telco and ask for their advice regarding best roaming plans before travelling.

If you don’t want to risk an expensive bill you can activate Roam Manager (free) or Data Cap at $100.

My last resort will be using Prepaid card if you don’t travel that often.


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