What does it mean for Spotify to land in Asia pacific?

Spotify is a great internet music service that is available in more than 20 countries. Singapore and Malaysia is one of the latest countries to join Spotify. Unlike iTunes, you can preview the entire song FOC! The music collection is huge to cater for Asian genre as well. Unlike traditional radio, you can skip songs, and like or unlike songs, which will help Spotify play more of the kinds of songs you like. You can share song via social network and watch what your other friends are playing. However, if you ever decide to cancel your paid subscription, you return all the songs you’ve rented back to the library, leaving you with nothing after whatever you’ve paid.

With the introduction of Spotify it might help in lowering the piracy rate. Full length music can easily be found in this “ginormous” library. Please be gracious Singaporeans/Asians and try this service for a month or 2. $9.90 SGD per month is cheaper than the same service in Europe or US Spotify. Imagine paying $9.90 for the ease of playing millions of songs in all your devices. I dont think they limit on the number of devices.

The layout is easy to navigate especially if you use iTunes.  The clean interface works well with the following additional functions that I love:

1) Follow Me
2) Facebook and twitter integration with sharing function
3) Radio
4) Extract Local Library
5) Sync to devices
6) App Finder
I simply have enjoyed every single moment of music with Spotify. Its simple and FREE! Try it now. I will post more as i get familiar with the functions


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