Day3: Comparing Huawei Router HG256s and DLink DIR-865L (Signal Strength)

In this test, Im focusing on the signal strength within a 4 room apartment. I mainly use 2 programs called Netspot and Wifi Explorer to test out the signal strength of each router. Im testing the wifi strength using macbook pro 15 inch (late 2010 edition) in-built wifi.

Below are the 3 router variants that I will testing on

Router Model GHz SSID
1 Huawei HG256s 2.4GHz (b/g/n) Khai
2 D-Link DIR-865L 2.4GHz (n) Dlink-F734
3 D-Link DIR-865L 5GHz (a/n) Dlink-media-F736

** Area is saturated with 2.4GHz wifi bands from my neighbors from all sides

Signal Strength
Below are the plans of my house with the signal strength indicated in the colors. Red shows the highest signal strength and violet the lowest.
Signal Strength color range from -88dBm to -22dBm
Noise level color range -96dBm to -83dBm
Notice the dark blue blind spots on the bottom left(kitchen bathroom) and bottom right (my room with many electronic devices).
I notice that there is a lot of noise on the bottom right portion of the 5GHz. I believe there might be too many interferences with all my wireless devices.

Distance Test
1.5m away from router (notice the obvious drop by Huawei Router)

3 m away from router

5m away from router

6m away from router

8m away from router
8m part 2

Please focus ONLY on:
Khai                        – Huawei HG256s (2.4GhZ)
Dlink-F734            – D-Link DIR-865L (2.4GHz)
Dlink-media            – F736- D-Link DIR-865L (5GHz)
The rest of the items in the graph are neighboring Wifi signals

From these results I realize that there is definitely less interference with 5Ghz channel, as I am the only one using this channel in my oversaturated block. 5GHz channel works really well at close distances without any wall hindrances. However 5GHz band tend to lose the signal strength drastically with distance and interference. It will be a good option if there is an auto-switch between bands depending on the signal strength and quality.

There isn’t much difference  when comparing Dlink and Huawei 2.4GHz. The signal strength is comparable as the strength is quite similar. Huawei’s signal manage to reach awkward corners better. In open spaces Huawei signal fluctuates more as compared to Dlink. In some instances the signal drops to almost zero and go up again. Dlink on the other hand have constant signal. Only at niches and corners dlink signal strengths drops below Huawei.  You may refer to the graphs and images for a more detailed study.


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