Newer versions of Galaxy S4 after only 2 months

1) Galaxy S4 Google Edition

Pure Android with most updated software updates direct from Google

2) Galaxy S4 LTE-A – Upgraded

The newest Galaxy S4 variant has hit the web, and this time, instead of just differentiation features such as waterproof, zoom lens, mini size, the new Galaxy S4 is packing support for LTE Advanced, theoretically 150Mbps down and 37.5Mbps up. That device is now official on Korea’s SK Telecom, and it not only has support for the fastest mobile network on the planet, but also Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 800 chip. Early benchmarks of the device are in, and it crushes everything we’ve seen thus far – up to and including the “original” Galaxy S4

3) Galaxy S4 Mini (4.3 inch edition)

4) Galaxy S4 Active (waterproof and dust resistant for outdoors)

5) Galaxy S4 Zoom (Enhanced camera phone edition)