Controlling your PC with finger gestures

LEAP motion device is my 1st flagship device that I bought. It is a motion detector which senses the movement of your fingers.  A lot of speculation says that it will take over the future of peripherals. I finally got my device after delays by the shipping company.

Ive already got a high expectation by looking at the capabilities shown by developers. Unfortunately, the device is not accurate as those posted youtube videos online. There is a learning curve for us to get used to the controls. Majority of the successful apps lies in games only. Work like photo editing or Autodesk are frustrating as there are many errors in terms of accuracy. I spend more time to get the gesture movement correct, than real work done. Since this is only version 1.0, we will expect more improvement in terms of software and gesture accuracy in the future. For more demo please take some time to view my review on youtube.


One thought on “Controlling your PC with finger gestures

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