LG G2: Software Features Part 2

LG’s overall sofware User Interface seems to have followed Samsung’s approach by incorporating an endless numbers of software. Only in G2, the speed is running in steriods with efficient battery usage. Aesthetically, LG’s skin isnt as cartoony as Samsung’s TouchWiz.  Resembling nothing like stock Android, the G2’s been skinned with LG’s own icons and menus, topped off with over-the-top transition animations that dont seem to slow it down.

My favorite software features only unique to LG G2 is explained in the video clip.
1) LG Knock On
2) Unique screen caption by Quick Memo
3) Multitasking by native Q-Slide and Slide Aside
4) Guest Mode
5) LG Cloud and Wireless Storage
G2 is also compatible with the latest Google.apk where you can use voice commands in Google Now. (see video at 8:54)


LG G2: Software Features

Other than the obvious Knock On feature, here are some of the features where common users might find useful

1) Screen Capture
a) Click both power and down vol keys simultaneously for screen capture. A simpler method will be pressing your fingers in between both “down” and “center” buttons. It requires a bit of practice to get it right the 1st time.

b) Capture Plus in browser
Those of you who wants to capture all content to be on 1 page without breaks. This is useful to compare a whole list of items within 1 page, instead of screen capture a few pages.

2) Multitasking
a) Q Slide –open as many apps as possible as a separate window side by side
b) Slide aside – 3 finger slide to allow easy accessibility of apps on the side

3) Guest Mode
– protects the owner’s privacy by displaying only pre-selected apps when guests access the phone with a secondary unlock pattern

4) Main icons at the bottom can be changed

5) Using voice to activate “OK Google” feature

6) Wireless storage useful as no external SD card slot available. LG Cloud adds further to 5GB of backup storage.

7) Camera / Video/ Audio Zoom
– Enables users to zoom in the sound, as they zoom in the images while video-recording. Not only is the image enlarged, the sound associated with the area is also amplified

8) QuickRemote
– Not only can the LG G2 be used as a remote control for popular LG home entertainment devices, it can also learn from conventional remote controls and can be customized to operate multiple devices with flexible layouts and keys

LG G2: Hardware Features

LG has taken a new experimental approach on the button placement of a typical smart phone.  The power and volume button are placed at the back where ergonomically makes perfect sense. With phones getting larger it doesn’t really make sense to have the volume buttons on the side. You need to reach for the buttons vs on the G2 the buttons are where your fingers are naturally, which makes turning the volume up and down rather easy. No more accidentally bumping the volume buttons on the side too. There are no other physical buttons other than the 3 at the back, making it look sleek and sexy.
Left: a US variant, Right: Singapore’s version

The screen with micro thin border packs almost 80% of the front phone surface solely for display. Its only 1 mm larger than S4 on all sides but comes with 5mm larger display. Galaxy Note II and the other phablets are just too big. LG fit a huge screen into a minimal package I can truly say it is phenomenal.

screen display covers almost 80% of the front

OIS and High Resolution Camera for Great Pictures
The LG G2’s in-built camera offers 13 megapixels and Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) technology in a slim design without a protruding lens. The OIS technology prevents blurring, allowing for clearer, brighter and sharper images even when in motion or shooting in dim environment. Other notable features include Super Resolution and Multi-point AF, keeping images in focus, comparable with a standalone point-and-shoot digital camera.

3000mAh battery is definitely twice the life of an average smartphone! Powerful Snapdragon 800 processor has dynamic power sensing and G Ram (Graphic Ram) improves battery life as it takes the pressure off cpu processing.  I manage to clock 16.5 to 24hours per day on a daily basis is awesome with quite heavy usage with games and movie playback. Blazing fast processing with minimum power usage.

Quick Window Cover
QuickWindow thin case is made with comfortable polyurethane thatched texture feel. A cutout provided for notification light. The window at the front is oriented at a portrait as compared to landscape S-Cover. Display only show small portion of the screen to save battery. I wish there is more functionality other than clock and mp3 player.
The back cover protect camera with slight recess. Back thickness dont interfere with tactile back buttons or the flash.
2013-10-07 20.38.402013-10-18 22.47.50

For those audiophiles out there, this phone does allow for 24 bit music and it really does sound fantastic. With headphones in this phone, the sound quality is one of the top-notch phones. With the speaker the phone is loud, definitely louder than the iPhone 5 but not as loud and clear as the HTC One. In this comparison, the HTC One wins for the speakers and beats audio for earphones, but the G2 is no slouch and I find myself listening to my music on the speaker frequently.
2013-10-12 07.23.29

LG G2: Loooooong Battery Life

1st day 2nd day

I recommend this phone for people extremely concern on long battery life. Honestly, this phone packed some juice! Out of all the smart phones Ive used to date, this phone’s battery last the longest. 16.5 to 24 hours per day. On a daily basis Im quite a heavy user:
a) surf facebook, video clips, youtube and chrome (2hours during commuting)
b) read the news (15 mins in the morning)
c) check 3 email push accounts (the whole day)
d) whatapp, messaging (50 to 100 per day), phone calls (35min per day)
e) facebook and chrome the whole day
f) Asphalt 8 game (40min commute back)
g) auto sync to dropbox and LG Cloud
h) 20 photos on site

I come back home to a battery of 20 to 25%. On specification the battery shows 3000mAh battery. With 400mAh higher than Samsung Galaxy S4 the battery seems to last almost an extra day longer.

In the history of all smartphones LG G2 stands 2nd from the top. But please note that Note 3 consume more battery due to larger screen size and more processing power. Ive tried this phone for 2 weeks and it indeed can last almost 2 days without charging.

Battery Comparison

LG G2: Quick Unboxing

LG G2 is feature packed similar to Galaxy S4 with the specs below.

Dimensions : 138.5 x 70.9 x 8.9 mm (5.45 x 2.79 x 0.35 in)
Size  : 1080 x 1920 pixels, 5.2 inches (~424 ppi pixel density)
Internal : 16/32 GB, 2 GB RAM
Camera: 13 MP,  LED flash
Video  : 1080p@60fps, HDR, stereo sound rec., video stabilization,
OS  : Android OS, v4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
Chipset  : Qualcomm MSM8974 Snapdragon 800
CPU  : Quad-core 2.26 GHz Krait 400
GPU  : Adreno 330