LG G2: Loooooong Battery Life

1st day 2nd day

I recommend this phone for people extremely concern on long battery life. Honestly, this phone packed some juice! Out of all the smart phones Ive used to date, this phone’s battery last the longest. 16.5 to 24 hours per day. On a daily basis Im quite a heavy user:
a) surf facebook, video clips, youtube and chrome (2hours during commuting)
b) read the news (15 mins in the morning)
c) check 3 email push accounts (the whole day)
d) whatapp, messaging (50 to 100 per day), phone calls (35min per day)
e) facebook and chrome the whole day
f) Asphalt 8 game (40min commute back)
g) auto sync to dropbox and LG Cloud
h) 20 photos on site

I come back home to a battery of 20 to 25%. On specification the battery shows 3000mAh battery. With 400mAh higher than Samsung Galaxy S4 the battery seems to last almost an extra day longer.

In the history of all smartphones LG G2 stands 2nd from the top. But please note that Note 3 consume more battery due to larger screen size and more processing power. Ive tried this phone for 2 weeks and it indeed can last almost 2 days without charging.

Battery Comparison


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