Asus ZenBook UltraBook Series User Event

Asus has announced a new addition to their innovative top notched ultrabook series, UX301 and UX302.  I’m particularly impressed that Asus mange to pack immense system performance into the lightweight design and thin profile. Being one of the thinnest and as light as MacBook Air, will it be the new Ultrabook to beat?

The lid is a gleaming midnight blue Gorilla Glass 3, which promise to withstand scratches and scuffs. The gorgeous design with concentric circles reflects like a flare from the center that evokes a premium feel. This chassis demands to be shown off as one of the most beautiful design in the market.
Meanwhile, the palm rest is also made of glass, though there’s a ceramic coating mixed in, so it doesn’t feel at all glassy; just exceptionally smooth and robust.

2014-01-25 13.45.23

Beyond the slick exterior, UX301 processor packs a beast of Core i7-4558U, 2.8GHz with 256GB SSD. The system is also the first Ultrabook to combine i7 processor with Intel new Iris 5100 graphics, which provide twice the performance of current integrated GPUs. During my brief time with the notebook, swiping though the 10-point capacitive touch screen was a breeze as programs open in a flash.

With this new Zenbook, ASUS continues to take over MacBook throne with its retina-like 2560x1440IPS display. The brightness is known to outshine MacBook in terms of lux.

The side mounted stereo speakers are equipped with ASUS Sonic Master audio and Bang & Olufsen’s ICE power technology that provide a relatively sweet audio. Im no audiophile to comment more.

The system was still very snappy after running a bunch of Adobe programs, a movie and music. The touchpad and keyboard was still icy cool as the heat is dissipated on the vents in between the keyboard and the screen. The believe lid lifts up the Zenbook for improved heat dissipation and comfort.

IMG_20140125_134435 IMG_20140125_134418

Asus Zenbooks are definitely tuning heads as machine that delivers both stunning beauty and power. Users searching for an ultra-portable that offers beauty, power, speed and endurance will find their match in Zenbook UX301.  UX302 might be slightly thicker and lower in display resolution but excels in extra storage and dedicated graphics.

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