StarHub SmartSupport

SmartSupport is StarHub’s new service to provided added protection for your mobile device. Some of the major features are:

1)   Device Replacement
Missing or damaged phones can be replaced at a local address within 4 hours*

2)   Data Protection
Efficient Anti Virus Protection
Auto backup contacts, photos and videos.
Remote locate, lock or wipe data from phone

3)   Technical Support
Solve device issues online or via phone call

Further details can be viewed in the video below.

Scenarios where SmartSupport service is beneficial:
– Users who often damage or misplace/lose their phones.
– Elderly parents who are less familiar with the functions of a smart phone can seek help from the helpline anytime.
– Adventure seekers who tend to spend most of their time in rugged areas and tend to have higher risks of damaging their phones.


– An app, which integrate all the protection and support in 1 app instead of having a dedicated apps for each function.

– Friendly and helpful technical support that is willing to go an extra mile to resolve queries.
– Able to locate my phone even with my data and wifi is turned off. Alarm is sound off even when phone is at silent mode.

– Doesn’t back up photos or videos playing natively in the phone memory (only SD card)
– No service where it helps detect duplicate contacts and combine the contact intelligently
– Only SIM card and internal memory contact information backed up. Other forms of contact data unable to backup

After reviewing SmartSupport App for 1 month, I no longer have to worry of losing any data.  This app automates to constantly backup and scan for any virus. In the event if my phone is lost or damaged, all data will be restored on the replacement mobile with no hassle.

Would you add SmartSupport in your next purchase of mobile device?


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