Why I think iPhone 6 is a flop

It all started with Apple live stream of the event. I cannot watch anything within the 1st 30min of the show. I have to rely on cnet to get updates. With the 5seconds that worked , the presentation was bugged with Chinese dubb. It was utterly irritating and disappointing.

I laughed the moment they feature the larger plus iPhone 6. Previously Apple keep mentioning that they have the ultimate site that fit ergonomically on everyone’s palm. After seeing success of sample phablets iPhone lost the battle and joined the larger phones. What a hypocrite. Using the name plus is also copying the suceasful one plus one phones, which I belive are way better.

For the rest of the show iPhone 6 features are only playing catchup to android.

Iwatch to me was different but still disappointing. It looks weird and more ugly that those out in the market. Well the ok interface is different from android watches. Other than that I think the features are boring and repetitive with whatever is out in the market. At this point of the presentation I was yawning. And before i know it, I’ve already slept n missed the rest of the presentation. That was how bad it was.
Don’t get me wrong… I dony say Apple has lousy products. I’m just saying that the innovation and the launch is very disappointing.