Rise of Family Robots: Introduction

Thinking that cyborgs or the movie AI is just fiction? Well it might be coming sooner than expected.
With home automation system becomes more and more popular, developers are finding ways to create a social robot, which behave and look more familiar to human beings. This year will be the  introduction to the rise of Home Robots, as people gain acceptance. I have listed a few of the more popular social home robots. Here are some clips for some introduction.

  1. Jibo-Social Family Robot
  2. Echo – Amazon’s Home Assistance
  3. Ubi – Voice of the Internet
  4. Romo – Robot Friend for Kids

Comparing most popular Family Robots

 Device Jibo Echo Ubi Romo
Images  Jibo  Echo  Ubi  Romo
Display HD LCD touch screen Light Ring Nil iPhone
Camera 2 color stereo cam
Facial recognition
Nil Nil iPhone
Video Yes Nil Nil iPhone
Speakers Yes (2 speakers) Yes Yes (2 speakers) iPhone
Mic 360 sound localization 7 Mics 2 Mics (up to 8ft) iPhone
Wifi/Bluetooth Yes Yes Wifi Only iPhone
Artifical Intelligence Yes Amazon Web Services Yes, Android based Yes
Emotive Cue Yes (Display and complex physical movement) Light only Nil Yes (Display and physical movement)
Price (USD) $599 $199 ($99 for Amazon Prime member) $299 $129
Availability Q3 2015 Invitation only Yes Yes
Data Retrieval Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook Amazon Android iOS/Apple
Home Automation Yes TBC Yes under development Nil
Music Unknown, Android based Amazon Music, Prime Music, TuneIn, iHeart Radio, Spotify, ITunes, Pandora Yes Nil (only kids games)

These products all have the weirdest names, perhaps not wanting to offend any human names. All these technology mentioned in the summary table is already available in our smartphones. They only have the extra convenience NOT to pick up the phone and press the mic button. They are always hearing and give you the extra convenience anytime you want something. Jibo and Romo have the extra mobility to move about and recognize faces.

These home robots might seem useful and friendly as they introduced it. However, will they invade our home privacy and the beginning of social issues? Listen up for the Part 2 of my upcoming posts


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