ViewQwest: Where do you go when torrent sites are banned?

In trending and recent news, a whole list of countries, including Singapore has ordered Internet providers to block torrent sites. France and Intellectual property Court in Portugal has started blocking The Piratebay. The local Copyright Act was strengthen and likely to be enforced sooner than expected.


Articles from Straits Times, Torrent Freak and Vulcan Post

Piratebay and similar torrent sites has been losing its grip since last year as the sites are raided a few times in 2014. It is currently struggling to re-upload its lost files and never as good as before. Other popular torrent sites like Kickass torrents and EZTV may also soon disappear, just like those pirated VCD shops you saw a few years ago.

piratebay down

Torrent Site down

Don’t worry. Don’t kill yourself over this. There are solutions and alternatives to torrents.

  1. VPN (Virtual Private Network)/ ViewQwest Freedom VPN

VPN is a great tool to protect privacy and security. It also allows choice of serves from other countries with blocked content like Hulu and Netflix. The list of VPN is endless with free and cheapest paid services shown below (in USD).

Cheapest VPN in USD

Cheapest VPN in USD

However the setting up process is quite painful for beginners and you constantly have to change settings for different country serves. You Internet speed will drop drastically especially for the free versions. In my case the speed dropped 20 times from the original. Free version will constantly experience disconnection too. Read up more here

Some ISP already provided VPN that comes with the fibre broadband package. For instance, Freedom VPN by ViewQwest is given 3 months free with $10.70sgd/mth ($7.80USD) thereafter. Users has no setup, no speed throttling and is compatible with any device that use the network simultaneously. Freedom VPN works with any device in the house while flipping from US Hulu to China PPTV without any setup. Your entire family member can be using all their devices at the same time using the same VPN service too! Thus saving the cost of VPN that is shared among so many people and services at 1 time.

ViewQwest Freedom VPN

ViewQwest Freedom VPN

  1. Android TV Box/ Media Player
    A wide array of media players like AC Ryan and Android Media boxes are dominating the market. These media players have many great media viewing apps installed but not all of them function properly due to the region/country you might be in.

    ViewQwest TV

    ViewQwest TV

Some ISP preload relevant media apps that work right out of the box. I have personally tried ViewQwest TV and it works magic. Somehow additional region based media content are unlocked as it works together with Freedom VPN. In depth test will be posted up soon! Stay tuned.

  1. Add-ons(Firefox) or Extensions(Chrome)
    Hola Unblocker is a simple extension that can be installed with browsers to unlocking of content and access to region/county based content. It might not work as well as VPN but it’s a simple and quick fix to be able to access inaccessible sites.
    Hola Unblocker
  1. a) Paid media accounts iTunes /Amazon
    b) Paid non legal account

    itunes Amazon

Of course the traditional method are to buy individual media content from sites like iTunes / Google Music / Amazon prime etc. At least you get to store the files instead of streaming them from the previously mentioned methods.

With all these alternatives to torrenting, nothing will stop users from consuming media content like movies, music, games etc online. The death of 1 technology will give rise to another better and bigger one.


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