ViewQwest: Which home theatre setup should you use? (Part 2)

Having ViewQwest TV & Freedom VPN opens an opportunity to try all out all US services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus. So which service is right for you?
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Why Netflix is a clear winner?

After listing out the comparison table above, Netflix is the most preferred option. It is the most easy to use and has the best quality shows and movies in the market. I have listed out the pros and con of Netflix as a summary below. Watch the video for a comparison between Hulu Plus and Netflix.

Pros for Netflix:

– No advertisements unlike other streaming services
– Provide a few UHD Content
– TV Shows or movies NOT linked to other sites
– No logins to pay TV subscriptions
– Layout easy to find shows of your choice. (Sometime finding a show to watch takes me almost half an hour in bad app/web layout!)

Cons for Netflix

– late upload of new latest content (normally 1 season late)
– DVD function is a separate feature and payment but redundant for people living outside US. So no issue here
– 2 windows cant be open at 1 time in web version (perhaps to support bandwidth)
View Qwest TV
Hulu Plus used to be my ultimate favorite, however the copyright issues limit the extensive new content provided by Hulu Plus. Old seasons for TV shows start disappearing and the need to login to other pay site are getting on my nerves. Hulu limits some of their content on apps. You’ll get messages explaining that the content can only be viewed on a web browser, and unless you connect your laptop to your television there’s no way around it. The commercials are getting more and it affects the stream of the actual TV shows.

So as of March 2015, Netflix has taken the place of Hulu Plus for me.


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