Getting a new phone and a Samsung TV?

I am privileged to be selected by Hardwarezone to attend a Samsung TV SUHD event in collaboration with Samsung and Harvey Norman.  

Hardwarezone event with Samsung

Vijay the senior editor from Hardwarezone and his team presented useful information on tips to selecting your UHD TV. Selecting sizes and knowing the difference between the fine difference between a true 4k resolution or 2160p. Well we thought that all 4k has the same resoltuion except some better brands has additional bells and whistle with better smart apps, sound, camera or remote.

Here are some of the points shared that I can remember

1.Most consumers don’t know that a cinema display like IMAX will be 21:9 aspect ratio while a a normal TV display is 16:9. We need to know which aspect ratio when we are buying the movie titles.

2. We must note the features of the upscaling and smart TV function is absent in cheaper sets.



3. Samsung enhances the quantum dot technology to s technology called Nano Crystal that gives that vibrant and sharp images that you see.
In addition, the new SUHD smart TVs will have an intelligent SUHD re-mastering engine that optimizes content to enhance the color and brightness reproduction. It automatically analyzes the brightness of the image and diverts power from the darker pixels to the brighter ones. This ultimately helps to improve contrast levels, produce deeper blacks, and an elevated level of brightness over conventional UHD TVs.

2015-04-18 11.18.41samsung-suhd-screen-mirroringThe JS9500 and JS9000 also usher in Samsung’s move to Tizen OS to power its smart TV UI. The Tizen-based SUHD TVs represent Samsung’s efforts to make its smart TVs part of the IoT ecosystem by 2017.

Powering all this is an octa-core processor, which will help the TVs to handle multiple tasks seamlessly. The SUHDs come with a Smart Remote Control, which enables users to intuitively interact with the onscreen UI display and take control of the TVs. In addition, the pricier JS9500 will feature a full-array LED backlight with an increased number of dimming blocks, which should make for better contrast levels and color accuracy over the edge-lit JS9000.

Grab these samsung TV by May 2015 as consumers are entitled to receive a Complimentary Gift Pack worth S$614. The complimentary gift pack consists of:

  • Samsung Level On Wireless headphones
  • Samsung Level Link (Bluetooth streaming dongle)
  • Wireless Charging Pad
  • Additional S6 edge phones is thrown in as offers for 1st few customers too!
    So Hurry grab Samsung SUHD TV while stocks last!

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