Personal View about Starhub for 2017

I have been with starhub for close to 20 years and at some years Im privileged to be in thier starhub community events.

Unfortunately 2017 seems to be a bad year between starhub and myself.

  1. The fiber broadband seems to be crippled with slow speeds a few times. This include the huge deal late in 2016. You can read here: 
  2. The freebies for home hub which includes, TV, fiber, homeline and mobile broadband seems to be always put of stocks when I want to recontract. So I decide to recontract without them a while later. A week later promotions for $200 sgd vouchers is given away and Im left with nothing. I dont even opt for the free installation etc.
  3. After all the mishaps, I still bring a positive outlook to this atrocious Starhub telco and bought a new phone for recontract. And Im being told I cant use the 100 discount since it has expired for a few days.

It has NOT been a pleasant experience with Starhub this year even-though Ive been a loyal customer for over 2 decades. Unfortunately they manage to trap me with another 2 years with them.

Should I give them up?