Will KKbox overtake Spotify in East Asian region?

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What is KKBox?
KKbox is an ultimate resource of Asian cloud music streaming at its finest, available in English, Chinese and Japanese. It has a library of a growing 10 million songs favoring the East Asian and South East Asian songs. Most main stream pop music will definitely be available. Only my favourite Boyce Avenue is not in the list.

Why use KKbox?
Lets just run through the general features.  This app gives you the option not to only stream music to the computer, tablet or the cellphone, but you also get to download the music into your devices. This is great for offline listening, unlike other popular streaming devices. No network means no music.
It is also a 1 stop location where you can find the lastest news and updates in the music industry, whether Western or Asian songs.

Music Info
Shows main home page where users can browse through the latest releases, top billboard music and newest arrival.
–  PLUS they are categorized into various regions and languages.
–  Interviews and news on the music industry

Where random music is arranged in terms of Genre for you mood and liking.  –  Personally, I stumble on many unconventional songs to my liking from this option.
–  Another random music function is QuickPlay. The user is able to tweak the random playlist to follow your
a) Mood (Emo, Happy, Angry or Sad).
b) Year when the music is released
c) Genre of music according to Languange and type of music.
Having to vaguely choose the music by dragging bars and choosing mood is surprisingly interesting as you can tweak song choices to your liking but still anticipating the surprise of which song will be played. Also, this function is very accurate. It manage to play all the songs that I normally listen to in my music collection. Sometimes it even help me discover new artists or songs. I simply favorite it and discover a whole new playlist collection. I definitely recommend to try this function.

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 10.19.11 AM

This is the closest option for a radio function where you can listen to what celebrities, friends or others listening in KKbox . Almost similar to Spotify.

Comparison to Spotify

  KKbox Spotify
Song Collection More Asian songs particularly Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Western and global
Offline ability Yes Yes(Limited)
Discovery new songs Yes according to mood genre, and date released Only random Suggestions
Subscription $9.90 SGD $9.90 SGD
Platforms Mac, Windows, Android, IOS Mac, Windows, Android  IOS, WP7, Palm, Symbian
Import Local Song No Yes (MP3, MP4, M4A, M4R)
Song Quality Normal to High High with subscription
Song length 30 secs if no subscription Whole entire songs regardless of subscription

Final Verdict
KKbox is a great online streaming music app for users who love Asian music particularly Chinsese songs. You dont have to carry the entire music collection in your mobile device as you can directly stream them. There are no issues of lag even when using mobile data plans even when high quality option is chosen. Quick play is an awesome feature which I find very accurate to your song needs especially if you are in the need of new song choices. This is undoubtedly the key feature that keep me coming back to use Kkbox. The additional links to more artist bios, music and videos seems to be more detailed than other apps.

However, the English and Malay song choices arent as comprehensive when compared to other streaming options, as KKbox is still expanding its song choices. KKbox will be my ultimate music player if there is an  ability to play/import local music files from my hard drive. Since KKbox has only been launched recently, Im sure there are room to compete with the other well known music streaming option. Overall KKbox prove to be a good “one-stop” location not to only listen and discover new songs but also updates on interviews and latest happenings in the music industry.


Samsung focusing on software upgrades for Galaxy S4

On paper S4 indeed have a hardware bump as they upgrade from S3. But these are only minor hardware upgrades where average users cant really feel the difference in terms of speed and performance. This is because most high end phones have hardware performance that is superior over the software capabilities.  The average consumer might not even know that it has 2GB of RAM.  Even Samsung don’t brag on the improved hardware as they already know its the best in the market. In thier launch event, Samsung only mention about the S4 specs only on 1 final slide, after their credits (as shown below).
Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 11.23.07 PM

Having said this, Samsung focus might not be at the hardware this time. They learnt that the previous S3 consumers are inclined towards their product due to innovative software enhancement.. By inferring from the launch event, its easy to spot that they are adding value towards their software. Samsung spend the entire launch presentation elaborating on the new innovative software features.

Here are some of the awesome software features that S4 have a lead as compared to any other phones.
1) Smart pause – Pause video when users look away
Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 11.09.24 PM

2) Air View – Control device without touching it (good for those who have long nails)
Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 11.10.13 PM

3) Watch On – Use IR blaster for any TV. Yes, any TV with the IR receiver. (even the ancient CRT ones)
Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 11.10.32 PM

4) Optical Reader – scanning business card info
Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 11.10.47 PM

5) Group Play – Share Music and play games on multiple devices
Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 11.11.03 PM

6) Dual Shot – Use and record front facing and back facing camera at the same time.
Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 11.12.01 PM

7) Chat On – Samsung’s version of Facetime

8) Tilt Scroll – Using gyroscope for scrolling though webpages instead of touch scroll.

9) S Translator – Enhanced Google translator

10) S Health –  Monitor physical health and reach goals
Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 11.13.00 PM

It seems that Samsung is successful in pulling off its “S” Branding, without even mentioning Android. Do you think Samsung is pulling away from Android to develop its own branding?
Personally I feel that Galaxy S4 features is definitely making a move towards value adding via software since it already have superiority over hardware. What do you guy think? Do drop some comments below.

Day 6: Audiophile

Music Home screen1 Home Screen dedicated to music

1 Home Screen dedicated to music

Im not much of an audiophile as I often listen to music in normal earphones. Beats quality kinda blow me away. Now that I have tried the quality of beats audio in HTC, I can rest assure that the quality of the sound is awesome when “beats” mode is turned on. Dont think I can go back to normal quality. The very 1st song I listen was from Adele. The moment I switch on the beats I was almost swept to tears. Beats audio just makes everything sound so crisp even at the highest volume. The emotions of the song went straight to my head somehow. Its as if Adele is whispering in my ears. Im not joking. Emo.. emo

5 music output

5 music output

I tried listening to music using 5 different output device as shown above.
1) Audio Technica sound muffled at high volumes with beats on. Mid and low volume sounds smooth and almost perfect
2) Sennheiser wireless is perfect in all modes and volumes. I just feel the loudest dont sound loud enough
3) iPhone5 head phones seems to be one of the better headphones with all round performance. The only setback it that ist very slippery and keep slipping off my ears
4) In earphones sound quality worsens as the volume hit the high.

5) Of course BEATS earphones works flawlessly with HTC One X+. The quality of the sound is all round perfect in vocals, rock and pop music especially when beats is on. Sound quality of the default “Tune in Radio” is also very good for a radio. There are some signal issues as my data plan have intermittent breaks in the MRT.  The other simpler option is using the FM radio for local radio.  Other than that the music app help me search all my music app and centralise the music in 1 app. Great job HTC
Quality of sound is quite good for watching movies. I watched 1 episode of Band of brothers. The sound effects and conversations have a good balance. No surround audio but still have that immersive movie effect. Love it during my long journey home.
Streaming music and movies though home network is easily detected. Quality is exactly the same as if its stored in my phone storage. No lags and no loss in quality…. at least I dont notice. Love the way they manage to detect and centralise all the media into 1 place. Overall.. Awesome awesome AwesOME!

Auto search all the local radio stations

Auto search all the local radio stations

Steam music and Movies though several home servers

Stream Music and Movies though several home servers

RS 170 reviews and recommendations from you

I have my RS170 delivered safely from GimmeDigi after 1.5 weeks of shipping from Hong Kong.
This is not much of a review ,but more of any setup recommendation for me.

Pardon my stuttering as this is my 1st review video ever to be uploaded to the net. Please be nice and give constructive feedback .

GimmeDigi – Your Electronics Store: Headphone, Earphone, iPhone and iPod Accessories, Bluetooth Headset, Digital Camera, MP3, MP4 players, Speakers, Digital Toys, Computer Accessories

GimmeDigi – Your Electronics Store: Headphone, Earphone, iPhone and iPod Accessories, Bluetooth Headset, Digital Camera, MP3, MP4 players, Speakers, Digital Toys, Computer Accessories.

For those of you who are planning to buy electronics especially high end headphones or earphones, Gimmi Digi is the cheapest place to buy! especially if u live in Asia pacific. Some reviews might say that they take very long to ship an item. Is you are not in a rush this is definitely a place to go buy your headphones. Its dirt cheap. I have just ordered my Sennheiser RS170. it cost 400sgd in stores.. but I manage to get it for 308sgd including shipping! When I receive it I will make a review. Stay tuned!