ViewQwest: How to choose your ultimate Internet Service Provider?

Most consumers opt for big ISP since they provide attractive standard package. But what if you want something slightly different and more personalized?

The solution is to turn to some of the smaller “boutique” or niche ISPs (eg ViewQwest), where you’ll often find a lot more flexibility in accommodating your needs. Want a fixed IP address so you can access a home server easily? No problem. Or perhaps a genuinely uncapped connection, so you don’t need to worry about usage? Native IPv6 support? Channel bonding over two lines, faster uploads, or ISDN backup? Or even a set of public IP addresses, fully routed to your connection.

All of this is available, if you know where to look.

Ive always loved innovative companies. Viewqwest is one of them as there isnt any other ISP that dare to launch a 2Gbps other than Japan. This means that ViewQwest has no other reference but build the infrastructure and equipment from ground up. I believe the high monthly cost goes to tests, investment into the network to buy more bandwidth, upgrade of equipment and maintaining service level. Other ISP will just copy the tested infrastructure.
Best ISP

For years, ViewQwest has been the only ISP that always provide double the speed of the fastest competitor. From the trends, ViewQwest always launch the new fastest plans 1 year ahead of others. Customers will always be assured that they will always be ahead of the pack.

If you want to be at the fore-front of technology, ViewQwest is the option. I have personally experience ViewQwest Performance, Innovation and Service. I would honestly say that the service is impeccable, at least for me. The constant blazing speed and unlimited overseas content like Netflix blown me away. Sometimes I wished I wouldnt have to sleep so that I can optimize reading and watching the content.

Is this the status of an Ultimate Couch Potato? You decide.
I am glad to have been part of ViewQwest Ultimate Couch Potato Contest and it indeed have improved a portion of my lifestyle. Thanks for the being the best ISP for me and the readers alike!
couch-potato-21 copy


Getting a new phone and a Samsung TV?

I am privileged to be selected by Hardwarezone to attend a Samsung TV SUHD event in collaboration with Samsung and Harvey Norman.  

Hardwarezone event with Samsung

Vijay the senior editor from Hardwarezone and his team presented useful information on tips to selecting your UHD TV. Selecting sizes and knowing the difference between the fine difference between a true 4k resolution or 2160p. Well we thought that all 4k has the same resoltuion except some better brands has additional bells and whistle with better smart apps, sound, camera or remote.

Here are some of the points shared that I can remember

1.Most consumers don’t know that a cinema display like IMAX will be 21:9 aspect ratio while a a normal TV display is 16:9. We need to know which aspect ratio when we are buying the movie titles.

2. We must note the features of the upscaling and smart TV function is absent in cheaper sets.



3. Samsung enhances the quantum dot technology to s technology called Nano Crystal that gives that vibrant and sharp images that you see.
In addition, the new SUHD smart TVs will have an intelligent SUHD re-mastering engine that optimizes content to enhance the color and brightness reproduction. It automatically analyzes the brightness of the image and diverts power from the darker pixels to the brighter ones. This ultimately helps to improve contrast levels, produce deeper blacks, and an elevated level of brightness over conventional UHD TVs.

2015-04-18 11.18.41samsung-suhd-screen-mirroringThe JS9500 and JS9000 also usher in Samsung’s move to Tizen OS to power its smart TV UI. The Tizen-based SUHD TVs represent Samsung’s efforts to make its smart TVs part of the IoT ecosystem by 2017.

Powering all this is an octa-core processor, which will help the TVs to handle multiple tasks seamlessly. The SUHDs come with a Smart Remote Control, which enables users to intuitively interact with the onscreen UI display and take control of the TVs. In addition, the pricier JS9500 will feature a full-array LED backlight with an increased number of dimming blocks, which should make for better contrast levels and color accuracy over the edge-lit JS9000.

Grab these samsung TV by May 2015 as consumers are entitled to receive a Complimentary Gift Pack worth S$614. The complimentary gift pack consists of:

  • Samsung Level On Wireless headphones
  • Samsung Level Link (Bluetooth streaming dongle)
  • Wireless Charging Pad
  • Additional S6 edge phones is thrown in as offers for 1st few customers too!
    So Hurry grab Samsung SUHD TV while stocks last!

ViewQwest: 500 Singaporeans being demanded for compensation from Oscar winning movie

1If you think you are safe to illegally download via torrents, think again. Latest news from Straits Times mention that more than 500 people in Singapore have allegedly downloaded Oscar-winning film Dallas Buyers Club illegally over the Internet, and now they may have to face the consequences. The law is really clamping on torrents as mentioned in the news since last year.

United States company Dallas Buyers Club LLC, which owns the film rights, wants compensation.

Acting on its behalf in Singapore – as part of its global campaign – is local law firm Samuel Seow Law Corporation.

The film studio has apparently identified more than 500 Singapore IP addresses – from subscribers of the three major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) Singtel, StarHub and M1 – where the movie was illegally downloaded.

Over the weekend, the law firm reportedly started sending letters to Internet users here asking for a written offer of damages and costs within three days of receiving the letter. It is not known how many have responded to the letter.

The 2013 film is based on the true story of an American’s quest to treat HIV in the mid-1980s. It won three Academy Awards, including Best Actor for Matthew McConaughey and Best Supporting Actor for Jared Leto.

Intellectual property lawyer Cyril Chua of ATMD Bird & Bird said that the film studio may sue a few individuals here to scare people into paying the settlement fee, which is not made public.

Lawyer Bryan Tan, a technology partner at Pinsent Masons MPillay, said that those who received the letters of demand should seek legal advice.

“There are penalties for infringers if this goes all the way,” he said.

So a word of caution to all, please support the movie industry by purchasing original content. A cheaper alternative is to stream genuine content from Netflix or Hulu Plus. Thanks to ViewQwest, Im starting my streaming journey of genuine content. You can make the change too!

ViewQwest: 10 Tips: How to use your Netflix account like a pro!

1st time users of Netflix might find this article useful, especially if you are outside US. These are the tips and tricks to optimize your Netflix account like a pro.

First, you will need to source for a good VPN like Hola. I would personally recommend using  ViewQwest Freedom VPN since works flawlessly for the past 2 months, unlike other VPNs.

Once a good VPN is setup you can take full advantage of your Netflix account to your hearts content.

  1. Choosing Netflix Trial Streaming Plan


    Gauging on the best streaming plan

    Choosing the highest tier for the trial is a good choice for users to test out the capabilities up to 4 users and UHD streaming. You can still change the subscription before the end of 1 month. The cheapest tier is sufficient as you can still watch in several devices without any restrictions.

  2. Watching shows in several windows at once

    Multiple Netflix Screen

    Watching 3 shows at a time… So many shows so little time

    If you are one that like to multitask and watch a few shows at 1 time, Netflix won’t allow you to open 2 shows in 1 browser. However you can launch 2 different browsers at once to watch 2 shows simultaneously. Eg. Open 1 Netflix show in Chome and another in Firefox.

  3. Find best Movie and TV shows

    Sometimes you spend a while to browse through Netflix on what to watch even though Netflix has an algorithm to recommend you the best shows. There are a few ways you can reach into a decision.
    – Using reddit . Reviewers update this list constantly according to ratings.

Roulette Flix

Randomly pick shows like a roulette

– You can randomize the shows to watch by using Netflix Roulette.  There are still some controls to randomize shows by genre, director, actors and keyword.

4. Check out what new Movies & TV Show are coming

Netflix’s lineup of movies and TV shows is constantly changing as the company gains and loses licensing rights for different content. It’s difficult to get a full picture of the Netflix library from within the app itself, but a variety of third-party websites can help.

Below are some site rank in term of my  preference.

   5. Check out last Movies before they disappear completely

Netflix show

Endless choices of Movies

Due to licensing issues, movies and TV shows will be extracted out of Netflix weekly, especially towards the end of the month. So you should take note of the ones you want to watch. You have PLENTY to choose from and plenty that will be missed. Finding out when movies are going to be removed is a little trickier, because Netflix has purposefully obscured that information. Take a look at all the titles leaving Netflix this week at

   6. Essential keyboard shortcuts

F = full screen
Shift + Left Arrow = rewind, Shift + Right Arrow = fast-forward
M = mute
Up arrow = volume up
Down arrow = volume down
Enter = play/pause
Page Up = play
Page down = pause
ESC = exit full screen

   7. Share your movies/TV Shows with your overseas friends or family members

Rabb. it Sharing movies and TV shows with your loved ones online

If you miss watching movies with your friends who are working overseas, head to and watch videos from Netflix, YouTube, and more with up to 10 of your friends or family. The streaming quality is surprisingly fast. You don’t even need a Rabb it account to get started.

   8. Check malicious activity in your account

Suspicious recommendations on your homepage? Check Your Account > Viewing Activity > See recent account access, and see if any of the device locations look weird.

If so, go back to Your Account and click Sign out of all devices. It may take up to three days to go into effect.

   9. Use Extensions to take command

In theory, Netflix’s built-in star rating system should work really well, because it’s personalized to your interests. But sometimes you just want to watch a trailer and see what critics think before pushing play. In order for these extensions to work you have to switch off Test Participation in “Your Account” settings.

– The extension for Chrome can help, showing IMDB ratings, Rotten Tomatoes scores, and a trailer button when you hover your cursor over a movie.

Lifehacker Plus Flix extension

Netflix Extensions supersize the movie viewing experience

– To gain even more control, install Lifehacker’s Flix Plus extension, which adds a heap of customization options including a “Darker Netflix” theme and the ability to hide spoilers.

   10. Customize subtitles


Change subtitle appearance to your hearts content

In Your Account, click on Subtitle Appearance to make text larger or smaller, or change its color and appearance

ViewQwest: Which home theatre setup should you use? (Part 2)

Having ViewQwest TV & Freedom VPN opens an opportunity to try all out all US services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus. So which service is right for you?
Compare TvVStreaming Services

Why Netflix is a clear winner?

After listing out the comparison table above, Netflix is the most preferred option. It is the most easy to use and has the best quality shows and movies in the market. I have listed out the pros and con of Netflix as a summary below. Watch the video for a comparison between Hulu Plus and Netflix.

Pros for Netflix:

– No advertisements unlike other streaming services
– Provide a few UHD Content
– TV Shows or movies NOT linked to other sites
– No logins to pay TV subscriptions
– Layout easy to find shows of your choice. (Sometime finding a show to watch takes me almost half an hour in bad app/web layout!)

Cons for Netflix

– late upload of new latest content (normally 1 season late)
– DVD function is a separate feature and payment but redundant for people living outside US. So no issue here
– 2 windows cant be open at 1 time in web version (perhaps to support bandwidth)
View Qwest TV
Hulu Plus used to be my ultimate favorite, however the copyright issues limit the extensive new content provided by Hulu Plus. Old seasons for TV shows start disappearing and the need to login to other pay site are getting on my nerves. Hulu limits some of their content on apps. You’ll get messages explaining that the content can only be viewed on a web browser, and unless you connect your laptop to your television there’s no way around it. The commercials are getting more and it affects the stream of the actual TV shows.

So as of March 2015, Netflix has taken the place of Hulu Plus for me.

ViewQwest: Which home theatre setup should you use? (Part 1)


Main Hardware (Output)

There are many options for home theatre setup in the market nowadays. How do you choose one that suits your need? Do you need a full computer setup, Home Theatre Personal Computer (HTPC), Media Player/Streamer or Media Dongle?

Majority of users prefer an “out-of-the-box” media player like Apple TV or ViewQwest TV. No setup is required. Full PC and HTPC require a lot of tinkering and software tweaks to make it compatible for use in the living room as a media device. Typically, home users prefers plug and play and do not wish to use a bulky keyboard and a mouse when they are lying on their couch. Tiny icons, difficult controls and typing need to be minimized to fit the living room remote control.

Below is a breakdown of criteria to choose your home theatre box according to the price, ease of use and functionality.
Media PC comparison

HTPC like ViewQwest TV might be the obvious winner nowadays. Main hardware setup is very simple, as you only have to plug in the HDMI cable to the TV and power it up. Those advanced users can use optical cable to connect to more advanced hardware like a home theatre system (amplifier with 5.1/7.1 surround speakers)

Peripherals (Input)

HTPC PeripheralsUsers can also choose a myriad of peripherals for controls

1) Integrated remote and keyboard (with trackpad or gyro)
– Bluetooth
– IR
– Wireless
2) Track pad/Mouse and wireless full keyboard
3) Mouse with on-screen Keyboard
4) Universal Remote
I would advise to get a backlit device with wireless capabilities for the living room. More advance users might want gyro enabled remote or voice activation on the remote.

Software Setup for PC or HTPC

Basically you need to customize the software setup to your liking. Setting up an organized library of TV Shows, Movie and Music is important. I categorize my Movies folder to different language first. The sub categories are further divided into genres. If you have software like Plex and XBMC it will help to auto divide your movies into all the relative categories.
Media Players

Software Setup for Media Players like ViewQwest

No setup at all. Plug it in and stream all the content you need from the Internet or network attached storage within the house.
Of course, the next step is to show off your HTPC setup to your friends and family. They will be impressed! Stay tuned for a tour of my home theatre system setup! Part 2 here