Personal View about Starhub for 2017

I have been with starhub for close to 20 years and at some years Im privileged to be in thier starhub community events.

Unfortunately 2017 seems to be a bad year between starhub and myself.

  1. The fiber broadband seems to be crippled with slow speeds a few times. This include the huge deal late in 2016. You can read here: 
  2. The freebies for home hub which includes, TV, fiber, homeline and mobile broadband seems to be always put of stocks when I want to recontract. So I decide to recontract without them a while later. A week later promotions for $200 sgd vouchers is given away and Im left with nothing. I dont even opt for the free installation etc.
  3. After all the mishaps, I still bring a positive outlook to this atrocious Starhub telco and bought a new phone for recontract. And Im being told I cant use the 100 discount since it has expired for a few days.

It has NOT been a pleasant experience with Starhub this year even-though Ive been a loyal customer for over 2 decades. Unfortunately they manage to trap me with another 2 years with them.

Should I give them up?


LG giving away 4000 LG G4 to consumers to test drive


LG mobile has launched its Consumer Experience campaign today providing 4000 winners to test drive LG G4 way before the official launch on 28 April 2015. 4000 lucky people in 15 countries can put their hands on this awesome LG flagship phone. 267 Singaporeans will get their hands on LG G4 is divided equally across countries,Mohicans highly doubt so.

If selected, participants in each country will be given an LG G4 to try out for up to 30 days. Participants will also be issued with various assignments to carry out over the course of the experience, with prizes awarded to those who complete them. The idea is that winners can share their experiences with the G4 as an early consumer review program.

The program beings today in South Korea, but LG is also looking for consumers in Turkey, Indonesia, Singapore, United States, China, India, Brazil, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Mexico, Japan and Hong Kong. Participants will be selected based on their entry responses and can increase their odds of winning by sharing their application experiences through various social media platforms.


speculation renders of LG G4


If you want to be in with a chance to test drive the G4, LG says to keep an eye on the LG homepage and social media pages for the countries listed above. The company will be giving out further details in the coming days. Don’t forget to check out LG’s various teaser videos for a heads up about what to expect from the G4.

Galaxy S4 launch event

The launch event for galaxy s4 at New York is just over. I’m sure there are mixed feelings on this event.

The concept of the presentation is based on a theatrical concept with lots of stage skits. Samsung present a few seconds of the phone features followed by a theatrical presentation of how the phone can be used in a family based event.

Personally I feel the short skits breaks the professionalism and flow of this launch event. There isn’t much info on the phone as is distracted by the cheesy acting. Some Americans felt irritated as they feel that Samsung perceive the American crowd will buy into those theatrical plays. American women felt sexist as those female actors play those degrading roles as techy housewives.

In fact I remember the skits better than what s4 has to offer. As a summary, s3 still have some innovative feature alike eye tracking and gesture support. The rest of he features are already available in other android flagship phones.

I’m sure those s3 or s2 users out there will end their contract soon. It will be a good replacement for those hardcore Samsung lovers. iPhone users can look into this phone too as ios is string really boring and mundane with it’s crappy maps. So, phone enthusiast should get out there should try out his new phone. Just skip the Samsung s4 launch event as it it doesn’t do

Day 7: D&D Oppa Gangnam Style!

These videos might seem ridiculous but please note that we work as hard as we play. I took this about 70 meters from stage. So its abit shaky

Well who doesnt go crazy with Opppa Gangnam Style!! LOL.
Luckily I also manage to get some stills from the videos so that we can look back with our colleagues and laugh at the things that we do for entertainment.

Favourite Media Poll


For those who dont know about Plex, its a sofware which not only play media content but compiles them and automatically find the posters, description and other meta data. In short its AWESOME!!.. Better than XBMC since we can share media content for free within friends. Imagine whole movies can be shared!!

Yea means you can add unlimited amount of movie folder extracted from your freinds’ collection. Imagine “My Library” filled with 100 of your freinds movies and music etc. AWESOOME isnt it? You may add myPlex at Add me to expand your collection. My NAS is forever on, so you may view all my movies! Add me!